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Factory Seconds - Solid Hardwood

Factory Seconds from Manufacturers like Bruce, Armstrong/Hartco, Robbins, Columbia, Anderson, Appalachian, Virginia Vintage, Shaw Hardwood, and More!

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If you are considering purchasing hardwood flooring from any of the brand name manufacturers mentioned above, you may want to consider purchasing there factory seconds, which are simply "off-goods" that didn't pass inspection before packaging at the factory. These "off-goods" are referred to as "Cabin Grade" in the pre-finished wood flooring industry.

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The most common reason for why a particular manufacturer may label a particular flooring product as "Factory Seconds" or "Off-Goods" is the presence of Natural Character Markings in the Hardwood's Surface such as small knots, streaking, and color/grain variation. Other imperfections are less common, and make up only a small fraction of the imperfections. These less-likely imperfections include unfilled knots, slight milling imperfections and slight finish imperfections

It is important to realize that only a very small portion of this flooring is labeled as factory seconds due to milling and finishing imperfections, and that the most noticeable imperfection is simply more naturally occuring character in the hardwood itself than would be found in the comparable 1st Quality product. We have recommended only a 10% waste factor for these Cabin Grade products for years, and have never had a case where a customer needed more than 10% overage to complete a job.

Select a manufacturer below to view product collections available. Currently, this section of our website is under construction, and only the Bruce Hardwood products have been uploaded to our site. For other brands, or for Bruce products not seen here, please call us to request a quote, as we have a very wide range of factory seconds available from the 21 name brand wood flooring manufacturers that we deal with for both 1st and 2nd quality material.


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Factory seconds for flooring fall under the category of tavern or cabin grade. With a rustic-sounding name, the lowest grade of solid wood flooring is described as such for its character traits. This includes idiosyncrasies associated with being cut from the outside of the tree, rather than the inside, and this includes imperfections like knots, streaks, color, and grain variations. If the wood is finished, it includes slight finish imperfections. Also referred to as �character grade� because of the more prominent character features, cabin or tavern grade solid wood flooring is sold at discounted prices in our store.

Whether you need cabin grade oak flooring or tavern grade hickory hardwood, all types of solid domestic hardwoods are available in our selection. All of our most popular manufacturers carry cabin or tavern wood flooring. This includes Bruce, Armstrong, Robbins, Columbia, and Anderson. Armstrong, however, sells its cabin grade wood flooring under the name Hartco. As we sell discount cabin grade wood flooring, one suggestion for purchasing enough tavern grade flooring is to purchase ten percent more than you usually would. This way, if a piece has too many character marks, you have enough to cover your floor. In terms of price, as cabin grade flooring is sold at 70 percent less than standard flooring, purchasing ten percent more is still discounted compared to paying full price.  

Although we try extremely hard to provide photographs that accurately depict our many flooring products, the colors shown may vary in color from the actual flooring. This is due to different computer monitor settings that you may be viewing our website on, image quality, transfer quality etc. Our pictures are only meant to help guide you with your color choices as you make your very important flooring decision.

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