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Hickory Hardwood Flooring - Unfinished Solid


For almost two decades, Hurst Hardwoods has supplied solid unfinished hardwoods to thousands of homeowners and contractors nationwide.



#2 and Better Grade

View all of our unfinished Hickory flooring products below, and feel free to call us toll-free at 1-888-704-8778 for expert advice on your next flooring project. You can also place your order online at any time of the day or night.

2 1/4  - #2 & Better Hickory - Beveled 4 Sides

Character Grade

A brief description of each grade is provided here for your convenience:

Select Grade: A very clean grade with consistent color and the least character among the different grades. Although more consistent in color than the lower grades, Select Hickory will still display brown tones throughout, as is inherent in hickory. For a Hickory floor that is free of brown color, call us to request a quote for Select White Hickory.

#1 Common Grade: This grade starts to show nature's character marks, such as knots, mineral streaking, and color/grain variation. This grade will have a healthy mix of heartwood and sapwood giving a very warm, comfortable setting to any room.

#2 Common and Better Grade (most popular grade - see top picture): This grade will have a wider range of color variation than #1 Common. It will also have more knots and mineral streaks than the higher grades, the average knot size will be larger, and some open knots are allowed.

Character Grade: This grade is for those wanting all that hickory has to offer. It will allow knots, mineral streaks, staining, and wide color variations, all which add to the beauty of a real Hickory wood floor.

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2-1/4 Strip

2-1/4" Strip

3 Planks

3" Planks

4 Planks

4" Planks

5 Planks

5" Planks

6 Planks

6" Planks

7 Planks

7" Planks

8 Planks

8" Planks


Quite possibly the most highly sought after hardwood for flooring is Hickory. With a Janka Hardness rating of 1820, Hickory's incredible hardness makes it very desirable for active families, especially those with young children and larger pets. Another desirable aspect of Hickory flooring is that it takes wood stain very well, making it easier to finish on the jobsite. Hickory is also very stable in service, making it a better choice in climates that may be unsuitable for less stable woods like Red Oak and Maple. Other domestic woods that are known for stability in service are Black Walnut and American Cherry, although both species are significantly softer than Hickory. Hickory flooring is considered one of the sturdiest and most stable solid hardwoods for flooring. Aside from these characteristics, unfinished hickory flooring takes wood stains well. Because of these characteristics, solid hickory hardwood flooring is ideal for families and work areas – anywhere with many people using the space. In our selection of domestic unfinished hardwoods, unfinished hickory wood flooring comes in a variety of grades ranging from the top “select” grade to number three or “rustic” grade. These various grades of hickory flooring are available in common cut and rift and quarter sawn varieties, as well as in strip and plank sizes. Whether stained or unfinished, solid hickory hardwood flooring manages to have a patina of golden and darker notes. 

Although we try extremely hard to provide photographs that accurately depict our many flooring products, the colors shown may vary in color from the actual flooring. This is due to different computer monitor settings that you may be viewing our website on, image quality, transfer quality etc. Our pictures are only meant to help guide you with your color choices as you make your very important flooring decision.

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