Somerset Character Plank Collection Solid Hardwood Flooring

Somerset Solid Character Plank Hardwood flooring is unmatched when it comes to exemplifying the natural aesthetic of Appalachian wood. Available in five different species and a slight polish, Solid Character Plank retains the naturally occurring knots and character markings of the wood, bringing the distinctive beauty of nature to your living space. This collection will bring a unique style to any room, showcasing the intricacies of each plank marking and its respective natural patterns.

Somerset Solid Character Plank comes with eased edges and square ended planks that measure out to be 3 1/4" 4" or 5" widths and a 3/4" nominal thickness. Since the width of the planks are relatively small, this is one of the unique hardwood options available to give you a new twist to your hardwood flooring. Plus, since this series is finished with Ultimate UV-Cured Aluminum Oxide/Urethane, this hardwood series has increased longevity and protection from the elements.