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Stain Reactive Flooring FAQ

Hurst Hardwoods is pleased to offer the innovation of stain reactive hardwood flooring through our affordable Nature's Collection. Recently featured in the June/July 2019 edition of the NWFA's official publication, Hardwood Floors Magazine, this brand new niche of prefinished engineered wood flooring (also known as “chemical reactive flooring”) features advanced coloration technology that is certain to forever change the wood floor industry. As you’ll quickly learn below, the features and benefits of these floors provide immediate, life-long value to homeowners everywhere.

What Is Stain Reactive Flooring?

Simply put, reactive stain is a pigment-free, water-based solution that, when applied to hardwood, rapidly changes the natural elements found in wood to create a specific color range.

The end result?

An aged/antique look of flooring that has become immensely popular over the past 5 years in particular.

How the Reactive Stain Process Works

In the past, to create an aged, antique, “Old World” look for their wood floors, hardwood floor finishers would often create their own homemade reactive stains by dissolving steel wool in pure vinegar. However, thanks to this new stain reactive technology, this process has become even more eco-friendly. Today, reactive stain formulas are greener, safer, more consistent, and more stable than ever before.   

stain reactive wood flooring recreates antique "old world" style

As a primer, most wood species contain a compound called tannin. In trees, over time, due to a wide range of environmental factors, these tannins change the color of the wood. As such, historically, in order to produce “aged” wood, it took a long, long time! Fortunately, recent advances in wood floor manufacturing technology have produced a completely safe and equally efficient method to expedite this process; accentuating and enhancing the natural character and beauty of wood.

To produce a reactive stain floor, a special, eco-friendly solution is brushed on each wood floor plank by hand. Upon application, the wood instantaneously undergoes a powerful oxidative reaction between the dissolved minerals in the stain and the natural tannins found in the wood. In an effort to deeply penetrate the wood and bring each plank to life, this advanced coloration process is then repeated multiple times.

Green, Clean Wood Flooring Manufacturing Technology

Stunning aesthetics aside, this technology has led to the creation of some of the cleanest, most eco-friendly wood floors on the market today.

Contrary to concerns that harmful ingredients are used in this “chemical staining” process, stain reactive technology uses the already-present tannins and sugars of hardwood to create eye-catching, aesthetically-pleasing, and more natural colors than a traditional stain could ever achieve. In fact, one of the most common salts used in this stain solution is iron chloride; a compound routinely used in the purification process of clean, healthy drinking water.

eco-friendly clean green hardwood flooring

Nature's Collection Stain Reactive Prefinished Engineered Wood Flooring Benefits

Our Nature's Collection Stain Reactive Prefinished Engineered Wood Flooring series is, visually-speaking, dynamic. The unique graining patterns found in each plank displays a mirroring, almost holographic “3D” effect that is absolutely stunning. From whatever angle or perspective they are viewed, each plank looks alive and rich.

From a functional standpoint, even for busy homes with high traffic areas, these floors are incredibly durable. Each plank features a high grade, multi-coat, UV-cured matte Aluminum Oxide finish to produce a highly scratch-resistant wood floor. The best part? This eco-friendly finish mimics the look of a traditional oil-finished floor but requires a mere fraction of the maintenance. Simply sweep as needed to remove debris and apply a product like Bona’s Hardwood Floor Cleaner with a Swiffer and you’re good to go!

Do-it-yourself homeowners and high-end designers/architects alike will appreciate the plentiful decorating options and ease of ownership afforded by these beautiful prefinished engineered wood floors.

Learn More About Our Reactive Stain Prefinished Engineered Wood Floors

Featuring a sturdy 7-ply core, our Nature's Collection Stain Reactive floors are available in 4 distinct and vibrant colors. Dimensions include wide 7 ½” x ½” planks that come in a majority 75” long lengths. Echoing the eco-friendly nature of this technology, this flooring complies with The Lacey Act and is compliant with California’s strict CARB Phase II standards.

Thanks to the clean, innovative technology of reactive stain technology, the future of hardwood flooring has never been brighter. 

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