Anderson Tuftex Hardwood Flooring

Since 1946, Anderson Tuftex has been one of the leading hardwood flooring manufacturers in the USA. With a wide range of species -- including hickory, oak, and maple -- as well as colors, the options available with Anderson Tuftex are virtually limitless. Add to this their rustic hand-scraping, pebbling, wire-brushing, and other innovative design textures, and it’s easy to see why Anderson Tuftex floors truly are hand craftsmanship at its finest.

There’s a reason why interior designers throughout the world rely on Anderson for hardwood flooring projects big and small. Ready to start yours? Whether you're looking for an actual "Made in the USA" floor from Anderson's Vintage collection or a more modern feel with Anderson's Coastal Art collection, there's sure to be a floor for you. View any of the collections above to learn more.