Red Oak Rift & Quartered Unfinished Solid Hardwood Flooring

Hurst Hardwoods offers a full selection of Red Oak Rift and Quartered, Rift Only, Quartered Only and Live Sawn hardwood flooring options. These special cuts are more dimensionally stable to withstand the seasonal expansion and contraction that normally occurs in wood flooring. Along with stability, these cuts also provide an overall higher hardness rating than standard cuts. Rift Sawn produces a tight straight grain running parallel to the board with little to no ray fleck. Quarter Sawn will exhibit the straight grain along with “ray fleck” or “medullary rays” that run across the grain. Live Sawn, also commonly referred to as “European Oak”, will display all possible grain appearances potentially in each piece as well as plain sawn. For more information and visuals please click here.