Warranty Information

Name Brand Manufacturer Warranties

For information on warranties and installation guidelines for each individual name brand manufacturer sold by Hurst Hardwoods, please refer to the respective manufacturer's website.

Hurst Hardwoods Warranty (Limited Residential Warranty)

All factory applied UV cured aluminum oxide surfaces on Hurst Hardwoods prefinished floors are warranted by Hurst Hardwoods not to wear through for 30 years from the date of purchase. Flooring must be used under normal residential traffic conditions, and care and maintenance instructions, provided by Hurst Hardwoods, must be followed for warranty to be valid. Warranty provisions extend to the original purchaser only.

In addition, Hurst Hardwoods warrants prefinished hardwood flooring against manufacturing defects caused by improper milling, grading, and coating. Damages caused by improper transportation, storage, and installation in improper environments or climates are not covered. Hurst Hardwoods is liable only for the defective flooring that exceeds 5% of the original hardwood flooring purchase order, and will only repair or replace such defective material, excluding the cost of transportation, storage, and installation.

Hurst Hardwoods unfinished flooring carries the same warranty as above, with exception to surface finish. Hurst Hardwoods accepts no responsibility for finishes applied to unfinished products.

Warranty Exclusions

The following is not covered under this warranty agreement:

  • Indentations, scratches or damage caused by negligence, water, sand, and abuse.
  • Natural occurring changes in color from exposure to light.
  • Failure to provide proper environmental conditions, including but not limited to maintaining proper humidity levels. Humidity level should not go below 35%. If the humidity in the building goes below 35% or exceeds 55% and causes cracking, delaminating, shrinkage, expansion, buckling, cupping, crowning or any other movements that alter the flooring the warranty is void.
  • Warranties over radiant heat are product/application specific. Please contact Hurst Hardwoods for details.
  • Failure to follow manufacturer's installation instructions, including but not limited to failure to use approved adhesives, moisture barriers, surface checking resulting from low relative humidity and/or mildew, discoloration, or cupping resulting from extreme sub-floor moisture.
  • Poor installation workmanship.
  • Improper care and maintenance.

Color Fastness

All woods are sensitive to light and/or oxygen, and over time, will change color, developing a unique patina. Native species, such as cherry, darken over time. Walnut, on the other hand lightens. In general, water based finishes tend to inhibit the degree of change, while oil based finishes allow a more pronounced change to occur.

Terms and Conditions

The terms of this warranty become valid upon final payment and successful installation of the product. The use of floor care products other than those recommended by Hurst Hardwoods may damage flooring and void this warranty. Inquiries regarding this warranty should be directed to the Hurst Hardwoods where the original purchase was made.

EXCEPT AS EXPRESSLY SET FORTH ABOVE, Hurst Hardwoods MAKES NO WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, WHETHER RELATING TO MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR OTHERWISE, AND Hurst Hardwoods DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES NOT EXPRESSLY SET FOR THE ABOVE. Any installation or acclimation details not covered in this document will be answered by referring to the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) guidelines.

Factory Finished Hardwood Floors Compared To Onsite Finishes

Factory finished hardwood floors typically have harder finishes, longer warranties, and are overall more durable than onsite finished. They are produced with little to no imperfections. Even after proper preparation, onsite finishes can contain dust, dirt, or hair in the finish that was not thoroughly cleaned or fell into finish before it dried. Factory finishes are usually made up of at least 8 coats while onsite is only 3 to 4. The additional number of coats greatly increases durability and reduces visibility of wear.

Spring Tech Waterproof Vinyl Warranty

Please note that installation over concrete slabs where the moisture content of the slab is 5% or greater requires that the slab be sealed prior to installation to maintain warranty. We also recommend the use of a plastic barrier like Visqueen when performing installation.