Tips & Tools

How to Measure for Hardwood Flooring

Measuring for wood flooring involves a straightforward yet precise process. First, measure the length and width of each room where the flooring will be installed using a tape measure. Record these dimensions in feet. If the room isn't a perfect rectangle, divide it into rectangular sections and measure each section separately. Next, multiply the length by the width of each section to find the square footage. Add the square footage of all sections to get the total area of the room. It's crucial to add an extra 5-10% to this total to account for waste and cutting errors. This additional percentage ensures you have enough flooring to complete the project without running short. Remember to measure doorways and closets if they will also have the wood flooring. Finally, sum up the total square footage of all rooms to determine the amount of wood flooring you need to purchase.


Hardwood Hardness Chart

Explore the world of hardwood flooring with Hurst Hardwoods' comprehensive Hardness Chart. This essential guide uses the Janka Hardness Test to rank various wood species, providing a reliable measure of each wood's ability to withstand denting and wear. Perfect for homeowners and professionals, this chart is a valuable resource for choosing the right wood for your flooring needs, balancing aesthetic appeal with durability. Whether for high-traffic commercial spaces or cozy residential rooms, the Hardness Chart at Hurst Hardwoods helps you make an informed decision for a long-lasting, beautiful hardwood floor.


Hardwood Flooring Grades

Discover the perfect hardwood flooring for your space with our comprehensive guide on flooring grades at Hurst Hardwoods. Understanding the importance of appearance in determining hardwood grades, our guide explains the distinct qualities of various grades such as Clear Oak, Select Oak, and Common Grades for both domestic and exotic species. Ideal for different applications and aesthetics, each grade offers unique characteristics, from uniform appearances to rich color variations and natural imperfections. Learn more about how these grades can enhance your home's beauty and functionality.


Hardwood Flooring Moisture Control

Maintain the perfect condition of your hardwood floors with Hurst Hardwoods' essential guidelines on Moisture Control and Acclimation. Our comprehensive tips ensure your wood flooring adjusts perfectly to your home's environment, covering crucial aspects like the ideal moisture content, acclimation process, and the impact of different climates. Learn how to protect your floors from moisture-related issues like shrinking and warping, and get specific advice for radiant heat flooring systems. For detailed guidelines and to ensure the longevity of your hardwood floors.