Brazilian Cherry Flooring

Exotic hardwoods are an increasing present in the flooring market, and, in the case of Brazilian cherry, may actually hold their own against various domestic species. Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring is one of the more sought-after exotic species, as the wood is known for a red and pink color accented by darker stripes. Additionally, the hardwood has the highest rating on the Janka scale and is known for its durability.

Brazilian Cherry flooring is often known by its proper name, "Jatoba," although several other names are used. Jatoba trees are spread throughout South and Central America and, as a result, the wood from them may be referred to as "Brazilian copal," "South American locust," or "stinking toe," a reference to the unpleasant odor from the tree's pulp. Additionally, the tree itself has no relation to the American cherry tree and does not produce fruit.

Aside from the hardwood's striking color, the properties of Brazilian cherry allow it to stand out in a domestic market. Brazilian cherry flooring is known for having a rating of 2350lbf on the Janka scale – the highest for any hardwood. This amount is significantly higher than that of other domestic species. Additionally, the wood has a fine grain, which makes the hardwood sensitive to stains and finishes. Stains, however, can produce an uneven look, but oil and water-based finishes can be used with the hardwood.

When you plan to install Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring to your home, make sure that all wood is inside first to adjust to the temperature of the space, and all flooring needs to be installed perpendicularly to floor joints. After the wood is fully installed, you'll notice a color change over time, which is natural. The original pinkish shade will fade to a darker red – the color for which the hardwood is known well.

Upkeep is also important after Brazilian cherry hardwood is installed. The floors must be swept and vacuumed daily, and cleaning should involve as little moisture as possible. Although some water can be used, the floors should be allowed to air dry after cleaning, and no wax, vinegar, or acid-based products should be used.

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