Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring

So, you're considering the installation of Brazilian teak flooring, but you don't know much about it. Brazilian teak is an excellent hardwood to install anywhere in your home, as it is beautiful and strong. In fact, Brazilian teak is one of the strongest species used as hardwood flooring to date. But strength isn't the only desirable characteristic. There are many other features that make Brazilian teak a must have flooring; keep on reading to explore these features further.

Appearance – As we've already noted, Brazilian teak is breathtaking. With such a variance in color from deep brown to golden red to light tan, this wood is preferred by many designers, because it accents home interiors so nicely. Brazilian teak has a natural wave to it, and the color can vary from board to board. If you want a hardwood that is going to look custom made to fit your home, Brazilian teak is the perfect hardwood to work with.

Strength – When choosing a hardwood floor, keep in mind that strength is important. Brazilian teak is one of the most dense, strongest hardwood floorings you can install. Since it is stronger than both white oak and mahogany, Brazilian teak can be incredibly difficult to work with, which can also make it very expensive. Some manufactures will refuse to work with Brazilian teak altogether, because it is such a time consuming and difficult hardwood to work with. Brazilian Teak is resistant to being cut as well as to topical treatments. Once this tough wood is installed, it's ready for anything.

Usage – Brazilian teak flooring can be used for almost any flooring purposes. Because of its strength and resistance to damage, this hardwood is ideal in your kitchen, in the living room, and even out on the deck. Want to take your Brazilian teak experience a bit further? Brazilian teak is also great for canoes, cabinets, and pianos.

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