Choosing Laminate Flooring

Lots of people want to find the perfect flooring for their home. Of course, "perfect" can be in the eye of the beholder.

For many folks looking for the perfect flooring, laminate flooring is a terrific option. Laminate flooring is composed of several layers of high density fiberboard fused together to form durable board. The top layer is treated to achieve high wear resistance against scratches, dents and stains. The core layer is made up of high or medium density fiberboard to support the weight and stress of foot traffic.

Laminate flooring is perfect for people who want low-maintenance, durable flooring. Laminate flooring delivers the appearance of hardwood flooring without using any actual wood in its composition. This flooring allows you to have the look and feel of warm, solid hardwood flooring in any location in your home, regardless of heat or humidity.

Durability is a big plus with laminate flooring. This makes a great choice for homes with children and pets. Many manufacturers will offer multi-year warranties.

Laminate floors offer great fade resistance, much more so than many other types of flooring.

There is also the issue of cost and installation. Laminate flooring is often available at a more affordable price than other types of flooring. This, along with the limited amount of maintenance, makes for a cost-effective option.

Many manufacturers of solid hardwood flooring will also carry laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is available in several different styles. You can find laminate flooring in patterns that resemble solid hardwood flooring.


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