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"Discount" doesn't mean an inferior product. When you purchase discount hardwood flooring from Hurst Hardwoods, you receive top-notch solid and engineered flooring in the highest grades by top manufacturers. From BR 111 to Bruce discount hardwood flooring, exotic and domestic species can be added to your home at an affordable price. Look around at the many options at Hurst Hardwoods, and give your home or building the look of hardwood flooring today.

Discount hardwood flooring, sold wholesale, comes in multiple grades. High to value grades are all sold at reduced prices.

When you look at domestic hardwood, most species come in the following grades:

Grading for North American Species:

  • Select and Better grade is the most uniform grade and generally contains no knots.
  • #1 Common will have some color variation and some small knots.
  • #2 Common will have a large amount of color variation, larger and more frequent knots, and a shorter average board length.
  • Rustic, tavern, or cabin grade is value flooring that, with many imperfections, does not pass the manufacturer's standards and is sold at a steep discount. Value-grade flooring has visible knots, graining, and streaks, but these characteristics give each piece character. Value-grade flooring is often sold at 50 percent of the original price.

Grading for Exotic Species:

  • Clear grade is the highest grade. This will be the most uniform and contain no knots.
  • Select and Better will have more color variation but usually no knots.
  • Common grade will have wide color variation and some knots.
  • Rustic grade will have a large amount of color variation and knots. This grade can also have some defects.

Solid and engineered discount hardwood flooring at Hurst Hardwoods comes in all grades. Before you purchase, however, decide on the type of flooring that is best for your home. A deal is only truly effective when the product enhances your home.

Solid hardwood flooring, regardless of grade, is cut from a wood log and into a solid plank. Solid wood, however, is more sensitive to changes in humidity and should be installed at or above ground level over a wood subfloor.

Engineered hardwood flooring, on the other hand, is composed of three to nine thin wood plies bonded together through heat and pressure. One piece is made out of three to nine thin wood plies of hardwood bonded together through heat and pressure. Fully made of hardwood, engineered flooring has the specified species on top – domestic and exotic woods are possible – and lower plies are made up of a similar or more stable species.

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