Engineered Hand Scraped Flooring

The beauty of hand-scraped wood flooring adds value and comfort to any home. In extremely humid, dry, or variable climates, however, engineered hand-scraped flooring is a better option. Engineered hand-scraped flooring is also advantageous, because it can be installed over a greater number of surfaces and on any grade.

Hand-scraped flooring provides the ageless beauty of natural wood with texture and woodworking marks of a time gone by. The advantages of engineered wood bring homeowners the option to install hand-scraped flooring in nearly any room. Hand-scraped flooring is wildly popular for the appeal of heritage character that adds dimension and classic style. Homeowners add warmth and character to their homes with engineered hand-scraped flooring, which stands up to the challenges of a modern lifestyle.

Engineered hand-scraped flooring provides the highly popular look and feel of traditional craftsmanship with modern technological advantages. Homeowners have the freedom to use engineered hand-scraped hardwood flooring on, below, or above grade. Solid wood flooring is not recommended for use below grade, because it cannot tolerate the expansion and contraction experienced due to varying moisture and temperature levels and cannot be installed directly onto concrete. Engineered wood floors are far more stable and can tolerate temperature fluctuations and a greater range of humidity. Engineered hand-scraped flooring is an excellent choice for use with radiant floor heating systems. Kitchens and bathrooms also benefit from the heritage appearance and improved performance of engineered hand-scraped flooring.

Unlike laminate floors, engineered wood flooring is actually hardwood. Engineered hand-scraped flooring is constructed with a solid wood layer adhered atop a plywood backing, and because of this composition, it holds an advantage over solid hand-scraped floors, as it is more stable, can be installed over most smooth surfaces, and tolerates varied moisture conditions.


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