How to Clean French Oak Flooring

French Oak flooring can add warmth and style to a home. Hurst Hardwoods is proud to offer quality French Oak flooring.

Once of the great things about this flooring is the maintenance. It is not difficult to keep this flooring looking its best. It just takes a little knowledge and week. It terms of cleaning the flooring, it's very important to have the right tools. You obviously need a broom. You'll also need the right kind of flooring cleaner.

Use a soft-bristled broom. This will remove things like sand and grit that can scratch your floor. You can also use a vacuum as long as the bristles are extended in way that will prevent floor scratching. The best results may come from vacuuming with a floor-brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner. This will help clean surface-level dirt, dust and pet hair.

Your French Oak flooring will likely require occasional deep cleaning. Use a wood-cleaning product and follow the instructions. The instructions are important because many of the hardwood floor cleaners need to be diluted with water. When using the wood cleaner, saturate a mop or sponge, then wring it so that it is only damp. You do not want excess liquid.

If properly cared for, your French Oak flooring should last for years. This flooring will add comfort and value to your home.

Hurst Hardwoods offers French Oak flooring in both wide plank and long length. Hurst Hardwoods ships from 50 different locations and can often have the flooring in your home within 48 hours.


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