Red Oak Flooring

With so many species of hardwood to pick from, how do you know which one will fit your home best? In many cases, the tried-and-true product is the one many go for. When it comes to hardwood, this has been red oak flooring. Natural red oak hardwood flooring is the most popular out of all domestic and exotic species sold in the United States. Known for a reddish color, the hardwood has coarse grain. As one of the harder domestic species available, red oak flooring is stiff and is highly resistant to wear and tear.

Hardwood flooring is almost always finished, and being finished is one of the assets of red oak flooring. In addition to its notable grain and color, red oak flooring finishes and stains easily, without experiencing blotching problems. The wood, in fact, has open pores, which allows it to absorb more stain. A darker stain, in this case, makes the grain pattern stand out more.

Nevertheless, some prefer a glossy look for their hardwood flooring and, in this case, pore filler will need to be used before any finish is added to red oak hardwood flooring. After the hardwood is installed, the pore filler will be added first before any stain or finish.

Because of its unique color and durability, red oak flooring is ideal for larger spaces, such as lofts, open floors, and dance studios. Prefinished and unfinished red oak flooring are both sold through Hurst Hardwoods, as is red oak engineered flooring. All have the same properties and color, but certain hardwoods may meet the need of your space better. Unfinished red oak flooring, for example, is ideal for matching the wood to existing flooring, while prefinished can cover a large area when installed by itself. Engineered red oak flooring, additionally, is ideal for homes with a radiating heat source.


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