Tips on Sanding Hardwood Flooring

If you ever decide to re-finish hardwood flooring, the topic of sanding will come up. However, sanding hardwood flooring needs to be done correctly or the floor could be damaged.

If you are unsure about the proper way to sand, gather information and make sure you know how sand hardwood flooring.

  • Clear the Area. The flooring needs to be completely clean and clear. The room should also be cleaned out.
  • The Proper Direction: The condition of the flooring will dictate the direction of the sanding. If the surface is fairly flat, it may be okay to sand with the grain. If the floor is uneven, or is coated with stain or varnish, sand against the grain.
  • Get Rough. Start with course sandpaper and reduce the coarseness of the sandpaper as you go along. This means having several different grades of sandpaper on hand.
  • Practice Makes Perfect. If you are uncertain, do a little practice run on an area of the flooring that will be hidden most of the team (perhaps an area where a couch or chair sits).

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