When Should You Purchase Prefinished Flooring?

With sales prices available on ash, birch, chestnut, and Brazilian cherry at less than $4 per square foot, now may be a great time to purchase prefinished flooring.

Look online for sale prices from wood and flooring vendors that offer prefinished flooring, which is preferable to unfinished flooring for a number of reasons:

  • Prefinished flooring takes less time to install, since it arrives already sanded and finished. Most companies put from five to nine coats of finish on their prefinished wood.
  • Because sanding and finishing are skipped, a prefinished floor can be installed in half the time, saving you money on labor.
  • With prefinished floors, you get the advantage of choosing boards with a square edge and ends or boards with slight beveling.
  • There is no drying and curing time, and the floors are ready to walk on immediately after installation.
  • No toxic odors are produced during installation, and there is no dust from sanding.
  • Factory finishing produces a harder, more durable surface, making prefinished floors better for high traffic areas.
  • Prefinished floors come with manufacturer warrantees against board defects that are usually 15 to 25 years.

You can choose prefinished floors from a number of wood species. They are cheaper and can be maintained easily. One option is red oak, which is soft with an open grain pattern. It is very attractive and cheaper than white oak.

A variety of domestic woods, including hickory, oak, pecan, cherry and maple prefinished floors, are available, made from standard sewn and rift and quarter sawn wood. Prefinished wood floors are usually available in three to four colors with a variety of finishes.

You can save on prefinished flooring woods by buying overstocks from discounters that buy direct from manufacturers and sell overstocked flooring at below list price.

You can hire professionals to do the installation and save hundreds by doing the prep work yourself, like prying up the old flooring, leveling, or filling the subfloor and removing any baseboards that are in the way.

By the way, prefinished wood floors cost about 40 percent more than unfinished floors, but you're likely to save overall because a factory finish last longer and paying a professional to apply the finish adds cost. You also benefit from the warrantee on prefinished floors from the manufacturer.

Look online for sites that offer the best prefinished flooring at reasonable prices, including sites that specialize in an array of fine hardwoods.


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