Where Does Wide Plank Flooring Come From?

Though many may think otherwise, wide plank flooring is not new to the hardwood industry. In fact, what some may not realize is, that wide plank flooring was the only type of flooring for many years. It all started back in the late 1600s, when colonists first settled in America.

History of Wide Plank Flooring – When the first settlers arrived in the "new world," one of the first things they did was erect shelters. Since hardwoods like oak and maple were abundant, they took to building homes out of wood. In that time, wide plank floors were the only options… why? Simply because using almost the entire log was more practical than cutting it up into smaller pieces. Remember, the settlers were not concerned with style or unique beauty; they were simply trying to survive. Wide planked flooring was more practical to cut and required less energy to build than constructing floors made of small, thin planks. It wasn't until the 19th century that wood flooring became not only a commodity but a way to showcase class and style; it was at that time that a unique variety of grains, patterns, and sizes began to surface.

Modern Wood Flooring – In the modern world, strip flooring is the norm. Many homeowners opt for the thin cut, polished look; however, others are breaking free of the status quo. In a society where narrow strip boards are a commonality, where does one go to find a unique product? That's right, to wide plank flooring. Although wide plank is extremely traditional, the fact that many prefer thinner boards makes wide plank the most unique option. Homeowners who are looking for a unique look, especially those who want to create a rustic, vintage, or traditional feel are falling in love with wide plank flooring. Today, homeowners can find narrow or wide plank wood floors from almost any wood flooring company in the country. Both options come in any species and color the homeowner desires. In the twenty-first century, wood flooring is extremely common and incredibly diverse; even with so many options, individuals are looking for the rarest species and the most uncommon-sized boards.

Again, wide plank flooring is no new innovation; it is simply an old method that has resurfaced in a society that desires individuality and customization. The hunt for unique flooring will continue, because how else will American neighbors continue to compete with each other?


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